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Anxiety Workshop


Gain better understanding and control of your anxiety with this workshop. You will learn about yourself and your anxiety, and learn tools and techniques to regulate your nervous system when you have been triggered.

JANUARY 15th 2023

£88 Full price

​£66 Early bird

Past Life Regression Workshop

Clear vows, grudges and contracts made by you or against your from past lives. Struggles from past lives can often have an impact on, us as residual energies are carried over into our current lives.

​We will journey into a past life to see the lessons that it holds for us.

​April 2023

Emotional Eating Workshop


February 15th2023

£88 Full price

£66 Earlybird



Safe Space Healing Circle

Coming Soon...

Innerchild Regression Workshop

Take an evening to reconnect with your inner-child. Learn what your inner-child needs are and how to love them as they need you to.

March 2023


Upcoming events

Coming soon...

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