Before my sessions with Hannah, my anxiety was growing increasingly insurmountable. It was interfering with my life in every way imaginable. I was self-isolating and battling suicidal thoughts. My memories and expectations had merged into one fixed narrative. I was unable to see myself, only the person I believed others thought I was. I spent almost four months with Hannah. Four months I’ll never forget, because Hannah led me back to myself. Hannah’s patient technique was exactly what I needed to embark on my voyage of self-love and self-acceptance. A lifelong journey, I’m starting to feel equipped to handle, because of Hannah’s guidance and compassion. Hannah’s approach forced me to face some of the darkest moments in my life. She helped me learn to breathe again. As cringeworthy as that sounds. I didn’t  realise, I’d been holding my breath for so long. 
June 2021

Hannah has been my therapist for over a year, and I’m so glad I chose her. Hannah is warm, relatable and professional, and provides a space to feel comfortable to open up, release, and do deep work. As well as the space for light work about seemingly minor issues in comparison too.
June 2021

As a black woman looking for counselling from a black woman, I am very happy to have found Hannah. The counselling I have received has been a real comfort to my well-being. My sessions with Hannah have provided me with the tools I need to deal with new stresses of my life. She is encouraging, supportive and challenges me in the best way. I am not yet exactly where I want to be in my mental health journey, but with Hannah’s guidance I am confident I will get there someday. I can’t thank her enough
January 2021

For as long as I could remember, I’ve always been the go to person with no one to go to. I keep things to myself for the most part. I’ve been doing the work to try and undo that for quite a while now but I’d say my most notable achievement was reaching out to a close friend earlier this year and telling them the extent of how mentally unstable I felt. Being the absolute great friend they are, without me knowing they booked me 10 sessions with (a counselling agency). I was grateful but also filled with fear that I would have another terrible counselling experience, like I had last year where in short, the therapist expressed almost losing my father to a heart attack and how my parents marriage falling apart wasn’t a big enough wound to be explored in counselling.
I’m so glad I had the courage to try again because Hannah is the best I could ask for.
From the first meeting, she got to the root of who I am, which is a person whose fear of loss shapes how I feel and view life. That was scary but also gave me faith that no matter how difficult the sessions ahead could get, each one would be big steps to helping me get better at dealing with it. Hannah’s style of counselling was the perfect balance between solid professionalism and the warmth of a new friendship. She shared some of her own life experiences and lessons to relate back to what we were focussing on for that session, asked me questions that speared me on to discover the answers for, and incorporated writing exercises knowing that I am a creative person. She really catered to what I needed.
Hannah was the checkpoint I needed to get through the first half of this year. She gave me the gift of optimism and for that I am thankful and wish anyone who decides to get counselling is partnered with a therapist like her.
June 2021

As soon as I met Hannah I felt at ease, friendly, yet professional. She created a safe space where I felt comfortable enough to discuss topics I have always shied away from in the past. Her techniques really allowed me to recognise patterns that I was oblivious to before, and help to change my perspective on how I see myself and others. The time I spent with Hannah showed me that some of my thoughts were not rational, or healthy, but the more sessions we had, this soon changed. Hannah has helped me to become more confident in myself and my choices, see my worth and changed the way I think, for which I am forever grateful for. Thank you Hannah!
January 2021

Before seeking therapy, I thought life was just meant to be on top of you because that's just what happened to people. When it started to become too much, I felt it was time and necessary to find some help. I came across Hannah and didn't bother even contacting any other therapists. He was professional, caring, understanding and Rhyl. I appreciate it how she didn't let me brush off my emotions or feelings and really questioned me which helped me understand and see things clearly. She set me targets and gave me 'homework' which helped me apply what I was discussing in therapy in an outside environment. She was always linking me to specific things and giving me resources to help aid me which was appreciated. She took the time to listen and explained to me why I'm feeling that way and offered help on managing it. She never judge me for anything I said and was able to read The Times Where I needed pushing and when I had already pushed myself too far. I can't say enough good things about her and the work we have done together.
January 2021

I worked with Hannah recently for some personal problems that I was having. From the very first session up to the last Hannah's personality and understanding really helped me to take back control of my feelings and helps me to be me again. Hannah's approach is an extremely soft one with no pushing you this way or that, it's purely about her listening and trying to help you look at your situation in either a positive way or a way which takes away the emphasis on the anxiety or hurts or whatever other emotion it may be that you are feeling. I genuinely can't date Hannah enough and would recommend her to absolutely anybody who needs some support in achieving their goals.
November 2020

I have had 6 sessions with Hannah and I can honestly say it's had a huge impact on my life. Hannah is so friendly, calming and warm and has such a positive outlook on life- this helped me to engage with the therapy and be open about everything. During the sessions Hannah used a variety of theories, advice and techniques to help me challenge my way of thinking in order to overcome my anxieties. Hannah really listened and guided me through the sessions and provided me with tools, techniques and Resources to use between sessions. From the sessions I have been able to set goals and break overwhelming things down into smaller chance. Hannah has been so supportive and having finished therapy I feel equipped to deal with life's challenges. Thank you Hannah!
October 2020

As a guy, Society tells us to be the 'rock' which really entails us bottling up our emotions and appearing strong for those around us. I felt completely comfortable and was able to talk freely about my problems, something that, in the modern day, especially for men, can be a difficult thing to do. Similar to 'Don't judge a book by its cover' I would strongly urge you to not judge therapy before trying it, because I can tell you from my experience, it can help you gain so much clarity and understanding, and if nothing else, a problem shared is a problem halved.
August 2020

Hannah Nicholson has been a massive help throughout the pandemic and has helped me understand the different Dynamics of the relationships in my life. Since speaking with Hannah, I have learnt how to manage and understand my emotions a lot better. She is very calming and patient. I feel confident and comfortable knowing that if I ever need help in the future that I can easily reach out to her!
August 2020

I would like to thank Hannah from the bottom of my heart for analysing very quickly and efficiently my issues/challenges whilst being empathic and building a framework we could work with. I felt relaxed, and the process of understanding key Concepts and tools to use to assist me where a breath of fresh air. I have managed to regain my confidence, happiness, self-esteem and I have improved as a person. But I have finally learnt to understand myself, behavioural patterns and what I truly value and would like in life. I would recommend Hannah and hopefully I will not need to call her in the future, but should I have any issues she will be the first person I will look to.
August 2020

My six counselling sessions with Hannah where my first experiences with therapy and she helped make it a super positive experience. I felt comfortable with her from the beginning which allowed me to speak freely and openly. Hannah validated my feelings which has helped me to trust my own feelings and experiences. But I also liked how she challenged things I said in a non-judgmental way that caused me to reflect on and rethink some patterns of thought and behaviour. I gained knowledge and language surrounding relationship Dynamics that has helped me to better understand myself and how I relate to others. I now have the language to communicate my feelings in a more clear way.
August 2020

I worked with Hannah over 6 sessions in early 2020. It was a time when I felt lost, lacking in self-insight and missing some of the Essential tools to navigate The World With Confidence. Hannah created a productive space to explore the issues, encourage me to identify my strengths and suggested ideas to explore when working on improving my interactions with others. It was probably the most valuable and productive counselling I have ever received, and I am profoundly grateful to have worked with Hannah.
July 2020

I had 6 Counselling Therapy Sessions with Hannah. When I first walked through the door, I felt like I had the world on my shoulders and had alot of past experiences and emotions locked inside. I was anxious, worried, over thinking and over analyzing everything that I do.

I didn’t think 6 one hour sessions would be enough time to help me.

However Hannah’s person centered approach was just what the doctor ordered. She provided us with the calming environment to be honest and open about my thoughts and feelings. I was able to talk about the things that were personal and that matter to me the most. 

Through her time, listening ear, expertise and advice she helped improve my self belief and confidence again. I am now at a point where I feel back in control of my destiny and instead of dwelling on the negatives; i have learnt to live and grow from my experiences. 

Thank you and i would definitely recommend her work. - January 2020

Since working with Hannah I have achieved more than I ever thought possible before seeking her help. She listened to what I needed and guided me to a place where I was confident I could move forward with the tools I needed to tackle life, and for that I couldn’t be more grateful. -Feb 2020

I have been coming to Hannah for councelling for the past 7 months since I had personal problems which I was finding difficult to cope with. I never knew how councelling could change how you feel and perceived things however, my 1 hour weekly sessions have really helped me ivolve into a more stronger individual. Hannah has helped me perceive each difficult situation in a more managable and tolerable manner. We have used various techniques to embrace positive growth in my life.. We have revisisted my journey from the past 7 months and I was shocked at how much I have improved emotionally and mentally by attending my sessions with her on a weekly bases. My sessions provide me insight into how I can embrace day to day scenarios and how to make positive decisions which is something I have started to implement in my day to day life. I would highly recommend counselling sessions with Hannah. -September 2019

I saw Hannah for a period of 6 months or so in 2018, during which we discussed a number of matters concerning me. Hannah used a number of different techniques, sometimes involving a paper exercise, and often just listening, as we worked through the issues at hand. Through these sessions, I began to understand my behaviours, my motivations, and the reasons behind them. We explored my past to find what had caused these behaviours, and discussed how to deal with them in the present - whether they were things I wanted to try to change, or whether I needed to learn to accept them as part of who I am.

During all of my sessions, I never felt judged by Hannah. Whatever I said, she listened patiently and discussed with me, always compassionate yet professional. After each session I would come away with something to think about; even if I felt unsettled at first, I would always conclude that each session was making me feel better, one step closer to where I wanted to be. When it came time for me to stop seeing Hannah, she was not pushy - she recognised the progress that had been made and we mutually agreed that it was an appropriate time to end.

Seeking counselling was the best decision I made last year. The best way I can describe it is that I feel much more comfortable with myself as a person - I now recognise my behaviours as they occur, I understand why they happen, and I feel empowered to deal with them. Counselling won't transform you into a new person, but it will help you understand and love the person that you are. - 2018

Hannah was incredibly friendly and understood what kind of things would help me out. Hannah helped me with my anxiety and how to handle my emotions when I was going to have a panic attack. The most beneficial thing about counselling was the tasks we did because it gave me visual representations of what I wanted from life and how to handle my anxiety.

Hannah helped me work towards meeting my personal goals by talking to me about it and allowing me to see from another perspective. She helped me see that even though I thought I should, I didn’t have to always put others feelings in front of my own when I’m upset.

I would definitely recommend Hannah because over only a few months she’s helped me feel better about myself and not be as closed off from friends and family because I thought my problems would burden them.

Aged under 16 - 2018

Hannah is a great counsellor and as someone who has had a few I just clicked with Hannah and was more open than I had been with anyone else. Great at helping you see the truth.

Aged under 16 - 2018