I saw Hannah for a period of 6 months or so in 2018, during which we discussed a number of matters concerning me. Hannah used a number of different techniques, sometimes involving a paper exercise, and often just listening, as we worked through the issues at hand. Through these sessions, I began to understand my behaviours, my motivations, and the reasons behind them. We explored my past to find what had caused these behaviours, and discussed how to deal with them in the present - whether they were things I wanted to try to change, or whether I needed to learn to accept them as part of who I am.

During all of my sessions, I never felt judged by Hannah. Whatever I said, she listened patiently and discussed with me, always compassionate yet professional. After each session I would come away with something to think about; even if I felt unsettled at first, I would always conclude that each session was making me feel better, one step closer to where I wanted to be. When it came time for me to stop seeing Hannah, she was not pushy - she recognised the progress that had been made and we mutually agreed that it was an appropriate time to end.

Seeking counselling was the best decision I made last year. The best way I can describe it is that I feel much more comfortable with myself as a person - I now recognise my behaviours as they occur, I understand why they happen, and I feel empowered to deal with them. Counselling won't transform you into a new person, but it will help you understand and love the person that you are. - 2018

I had 6 Counselling Therapy Sessions with Hannah. When I first walked through the door, I felt like I had the world on my shoulders and had alot of past experiences and emotions locked inside. I was anxious, worried, over thinking and over analyzing everything that I do.

I didn’t think 6 one hour sessions would be enough time to help me.

However Hannah’s person centered approach was just what the doctor ordered. She provided us with the calming environment to be honest and open about my thoughts and feelings. I was able to talk about the things that were personal and that matter to me the most. 

Through her time, listening ear, expertise and advice she helped improve my self belief and confidence again. I am now at a point where I feel back in control of my destiny and instead of dwelling on the negatives; i have learnt to live and grow from my experiences. 

Thank you and i would definitely recommend her work. - January 2020

Since working with Hannah I have achieved more than I ever thought possible before seeking her help. She listened to what I needed and guided me to a place where I was confident I could move forward with the tools I needed to tackle life, and for that I couldn’t be more grateful. -Feb 2020

I have been coming to Hannah for councelling for the past 7 months since I had personal problems which I was finding difficult to cope with. I never knew how councelling could change how you feel and perceived things however, my 1 hour weekly sessions have really helped me ivolve into a more stronger individual. Hannah has helped me perceive each difficult situation in a more managable and tolerable manner. We have used various techniques to embrace positive growth in my life.. We have revisisted my journey from the past 7 months and I was shocked at how much I have improved emotionally and mentally by attending my sessions with her on a weekly bases. My sessions provide me insight into how I can embrace day to day scenarios and how to make positive decisions which is something I have started to implement in my day to day life. I would highly recommend counselling sessions with Hannah. -September 2019

Hannah was incredibly friendly and understood what kind of things would help me out. Hannah helped me with my anxiety and how to handle my emotions when I was going to have a panic attack. The most beneficial thing about counselling was the tasks we did because it gave me visual representations of what I wanted from life and how to handle my anxiety.

Hannah helped me work towards meeting my personal goals by talking to me about it and allowing me to see from another perspective. She helped me see that even though I thought I should, I didn’t have to always put others feelings in front of my own when I’m upset.

I would definitely recommend Hannah because over only a few months she’s helped me feel better about myself and not be as closed off from friends and family because I thought my problems would burden them.

Aged under 16 - 2018

Hannah is a great counsellor and as someone who has had a few I just clicked with Hannah and was more open than I had been with anyone else. Great at helping you see the truth.

Aged under 16 - 2018